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Nisa the life and words of a Kung woman essay

One of the most interesting essays that many people talk about was an essay called Nisa. The writer who posted the essay in the internet prepared it. The reason was that the writer wanted students to use it as an example in writing essays especially those that required high level of creativity. It was then displayed in one of the most famous and well-known company’s website where many students across the globe could login and read it. Nisa the life and words of a Kung woman essay, is an essay that uses several stylistic devises that help in bringing out the themes that the writer wanted to communicate to the readers. Such stylistic devices include satire, irony and imagery that help in ridiculing the dues in the study but also explaining the situation in a manner that the reader could visualize and see it as if it was happening in areal life or even in a movie. The writer, for instance talks about a man who always dressed in a yellow pair of shorts and a green coat.
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The man usually wore these clothes in addition to long plastic boots and a torn t-shirt that was blended with a red tie. The writer goes ahead and calls this man a fashion specialist, something that contradicts the appearance of the man in the eyes of the public. The man was a ‘professor’ according to the writer, even though his academic level was barely above that of a nursery schoolchild. Furthermore, the essay goes ahead to explain how the man knew better that the university dons and how he literally presided over village graduation ceremonies.

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