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Write my speech

To write a speech is one of the most complicated tasks ever. The main prerequisite here is to sound persuasive. When you are writing a speech, keep in mind that you will also have to present it to the audience. Thus, you are supposed to take into consideration not only your writing skills, but also your ability to influence the listener. Here are a few things which may be of great use. Try to begin with a joke or a quotation. It will attract the listeners’ attention and they will start listening to what you are saying. Do not concentrate on theory much. Provide some life experience, if possible. At least don’t forget to support all your ideas with examples, facts or statistic data. Try to sound interesting. If you are talking in a boring and dry manner, no one will listen your speech till the end. That is for sure.

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Money sign

You see a lot of signs every day. Some of them are of major importance. For instance, traffic lights signal us whether we are allowed to cross the street or not. Semiotics is the science that studies signs. Moreover, it also provides an explanation of their meaning. A money sign is probably the most frequent sign you see. Well, it is not surprising as we pay for something every day. Everybody is talking about the money. Without these bank notes we wouldn’t be able to purchase goods and pay for services we get. Sometimes it seems like our life is all about buying and selling. Well, no one is going to deny the fact that money plays a very significant role in our life. However, it is not the most important thing. Obviously, you know that too.

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